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Evo Elements is the first 100% Italian company that produces premium ingredients and is a trusted partner for creative culinary talent. A multidiscplinary team including head chefs and food innovation specialists has come together to create first italian premium line of creative gastronomy ingredients.


Safety, reliability, naturalness and transparency are the characteristics that found Evo. A trusted partner for all kitchen artists.A wide vision of the sector distinguishes Evo’s modus operandi, which is perfectly aligned with the most current kitchen trends and at the same time offers forward-looking innovation of what tomorrow’s cuisine will be.


We are the first 100% plasti free food company. We are the partner of every chef involved in the future of the planet. Since 2015 we have been using recyclable and reusable aluminum cans for most of our packaging with a renewable green bio-plastic pouch made from sugar cane! We also choose 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bags for the few products that require bag packaging, all with paper labels!

The components of our molecular cuisine

Chef Ferran Adrià

Chef Ferran Adrià

Chef Ferran Adrià

Prepare and share your recipe with EVO products with us

For those who want to get involved and show their results, EVO allows you to upload your best recipes!


Frequently asked questions about the EVO world:

The products are divided into macro-areas dedicated to very specific applications: they range from the classic products for obtaining particular textures, typical of molecular gastronomy, passing through highly specialized products, developed for preparations made with the equipment present in modern kitchens. There are also natural ingredients and additives to make innovation in the kitchen a real healthy innovation.

We have products suitable for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free recipes and preparations. For any doubts contact us.

In the Academy section of our website you will find advice and indications to learn about the potential of Evo Elements products. You can also participate and enroll in our courses to learn more and learn about new techniques to innovate your kitchen.

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