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Where there is building there is Structure

From this need a product line has been conceived and created that supports preparations for creative cooking

The desired shapes and textures can be obtained with greater simplicity and reliability, thus facilitating creativity sometimes tarnished by the lack of ready solutions.


Slipevo is a line of products that allows to thicken the food preparations keeping them clear and transparent, ideal for creative cooking.


Colorform is a product that allows you to maintain the consistency and color of vegetables both in storage and in cooking.


Gelato is a line of stabilizers that allow you to incorporate air in ice cream, keeping the seal and slowing the melting.


Gelly is a line of jelleries of natural origin that allow you to create more or less consistent jellies depending on the product used.


Sfere is a product line that allows the spherification technique to be developed both in the kitchen and at the bar.


Aero is a line of ingredients that helps to incorporate air into the preparations bringing new consistencies.


Line of technological sugars that can be used in various applications: pastry, ice cream and cooking.


Pasta + is a line to support the production of homemade pasta.

Here are our Structure products

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